An Italian Provincial road forms a hairpin bend around an ancient and derelict farmhouse

Driving in Italy -There’s Nothing Like It!

Driving the Italian Way!

Okay, let’s get some stuff straight before we start:

First, Italians are not crazy drivers, any more than any other nation. They’re just misunderstood. The national psyche is set to “Appassionato”. Italians are animated people, so when you share the road with them, things can seem a little crazy.

Second, they drive fast, some of them, okay, most of them; but for the most part, they know what they’re doing.

Third, your nerves are shot to hell for the first few months of driving here, not because Italians are out to kill you, but because you think they are. Italians are well used to dealing with foreign drivers on their roads and they hardly ever kill them. Continue reading “Driving in Italy -There’s Nothing Like It!”