An Italian Provincial road forms a hairpin bend around an ancient and derelict farmhouse

Driving in Italy -There’s Nothing Like It!

Driving the Italian Way!

Okay, let’s get some stuff straight before we start:

First, Italians are not crazy drivers, any more than any other nation. They’re just misunderstood. The national psyche is set to “Appassionato”. Italians are animated people, so when you share the road with them, things can seem a little crazy.

Second, they drive fast, some of them, okay, most of them; but for the most part, they know what they’re doing.

Third, your nerves are shot to hell for the first few months of driving here, not because Italians are out to kill you, but because you think they are. Italians are well used to dealing with foreign drivers on their roads and they hardly ever kill them. Continue reading “Driving in Italy -There’s Nothing Like It!”


Loving the Italian Dream

I live in Italy!


This keeps dawning on me and after eighteen months, I still have to pinch myself to believe it.

We arrived on 3 June 2015. Ever since then it’s been one intriguing thing after one perplexing thing after one hilarious thing and so it keeps going.

Okay, it’s been a wild ride; an almost surreal wild ride. Continue reading “Loving the Italian Dream”

Muizenberg Beach in the early light.

Cape Town’s False Bay Coastline – A Bird’s Eye View

Mountain Magic Mountains and sea are always a great combination when it comes to tourist attractions and there can be few places in the world to rival the Cape Peninsula at the end of the African continent. Everywhere you look, there’s a stunning scene begging to be photographed or included as a selfie backdrop. But in this land of incredible scenery I challenge anyone to … Continue reading Cape Town’s False Bay Coastline – A Bird’s Eye View

Does Staying in the Car Minimise the Offence

Reserved Parking Pirates

Fines don’t work. What about some meaningful community service? This really is an area that has fallen through the cracks of every society on the planet. The problem is universal. Where there are parking bays for people living with disabilities and mobility issues, there will be individuals without mobility issues of any description occupying these bays. These random pictures off the internet illustrate a truly … Continue reading Reserved Parking Pirates